The dream site for fishing

“The “corner of Kekkonen”, located at the southern border of Kemiönsaari is one of the many places, where President Kekkonen used to stay overnight and dip his fishing lines during his fishing trips. The house that hosted the President was a tiny red cottage at the end of Löngholmen, instead of the splendid master’s mansion that dominates the sceneries of the area.

In modern terms, Kekkonen was a “Sunday fisherman”, meaning a man truly enthusiastic about fishing and doing it on and off. However, his fisherman’s honour was more important to him than it normally tended to be. When the relationships with high-ranking people allowed it, he went fishing and visited places around the whole area of Finland during his career, to agree on issues, with the smoothing effect of vodka and sauna. As the venue, the northern end of the Vänoxa island is in a magnificent place, at the crossing of two deep valleys. These contain holes in every direction and almost any wind creates currents that attract fish at least in some places.”

This narrative is from the fishing editor Arto Kojo in his book 100 Fishing Sites in Finland, where the “Corner of Kekkonen” that is near Villa Bergholmen is listed as one awesome site for fishing.

The island estate of Villa Bergholmen will give memorable fishing moments even to most demanding recreational fishing groups. Fishing trips are planned, taking into account the needs and goals of each group: is there a professional fishing guide participating in the trip, taking you and your party to the best bays together with all the necessary tackle and boats, or is this your own independent fishing venture, where you take your own tackle. As an option, you can also go fishing on your own, using the boats and fishing tackle of Villa Bergholmen.

The central location of the island estate enables you to spend your whole day fishing without having to fish from a boat: the coastal rocks, rocky islets and quays on the island of Villa Bergholmen are perfect fishing spots for recreational fishermen, who will not need to sit in boats the whole day.